Hanuman World Zipline & Skywalk

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Experience the thrill of zipping through the rainforest at Hanuman World, the largest and most eco-friendly zip line park in Thailand. We ensure the highest security standards for our guests, so you can have a worry-free and enjoyable adventure without harming nature. Our Zipline Eco-Adventure is suitable for people of all ages, from 4 to 70 years old. However, there is a weight limit of 120 kg for safety reasons. Our expert and friendly staff will guide you through the course and make sure you are comfortable and safe at all times.
Zipline 10 Platform – Experience 20 mins
Zipline 18 Platforms – Experience 40 mins
Zipline 32 Platforms – Experience 1 hour
Combine World C+ – Experience 1 hour – Zipline 10 Platform + Roller + Skywalk
Combine World B+ – Experience 2 hrs. – Zipline 18 Platforms + Roller + Skywalk
Combine World A+ – Experience 3 hrs – Zipline 32 Platforms + Roller + Skywalk
  • Shishalangan suv
  • Xavfsizlik uskunalari
  • Ekskursiyada professional ingliz qo'llanmasi
  • Free transfer from Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Surin, Rawai, Bang Tao, Laguna, Phuket Town
  • To'liq sug'urta
  • Lockers


  • Spirtli ichimliklar
  • Maslahatlar va sovg'alar
  • Boshqa shaxsiy xarajatlar
  • Meals and beverages



Bepul olib ketish zonasi
Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Surin, Rawai, Bang Tao, Laguna, Phuket town

Qo'shimcha zaryadlash zonasi
Layan, Naithon, Naiyang, Mai Khao, Airport – 500 THB – Per Person

  • 08:00/10:00/13:00/15:00 Pickup from your hotel, the timing depend on session you’re choosing, and transfer to Hanuman Camp
  • Check in and meet with our profession team, get briefing and prepare to start the zipline of your choice
  • After finish the program will transfer back to your hotel safely!
    • Quyosh ko'zoynaklari
    • Quyosh kremi
    • Kamera
    • Comfortable clothing
    • Training shoes or sneakers
    • Mosquito spray or lotion


    • This tour is not recommended for pregnant women, children under three years of age, and people suffering from heart problems, back problems, or any medical or physical disability.
    • Iltimos, sayohat davomida hech qanday keraksiz narsa yoki qimmatbaho narsalarni olmang, chunki kompaniya yo'qotish yoki zarar uchun javobgarlikni o'z zimmasiga olmaydi.
    • Faoliyat boshlanishidan oldin barcha ishtirokchilar to'liq emlash sertifikati va pasportini tasdiqlovchi rasmni taqdim etishlari kerak
    • It is recommended that all guests wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and shoes that can be used outdoors. Hanuman’s world involves a light level of physical exertion.
    • The customer’s weight must not exceed 120 KG. We recommended only children over 3 Years of age participate
    • Tasdiqlash elektron pochtasida ko'rsatilgan vaqtdan oldin mehmonxona qabulxonasida kuting
    • Siz tomondan kechikish 100% toʻlov bilan avtomatik ravishda bekor qilinadi.
    • Haydovchi tirbandlik yoki istalgan kiruvchi bandlar tufayli 15-30 daqiqaga kechikishi mumkin.

    ♦ Can I join just to see (accompanying) my friend or my kid to play but not do the zipline?  –The right answer will be No, you can’t as everyone included our guide (staff) will need to do the zip line if they follow the program as they need to move from one platform to another by zipping from tree to another tree. So just seeing and walking to another platform without doing the zip line is not an option. However, you can wait in our lobby without extra charge (if you come by your self to our place). The only we charge if you need to be picked-up too (even you not gonna play) for 300 baht/person just for the round trip transfer and you can wait in the lobby. And in our lobby, we also have a restaurant where you can order a meal.
    ♦ What if rain happened on the time we should do the zipline activity?   –We will keep zipping like usual in the rain. The rain will be a part of your journey. We offering plastic raincoat with an additional cost of 50 baht/coat.
    ♦ Can I skip the zipline or abseil if I join the activity?  –It’s not possible to skip any of the activity once you start the activity as if we need to continue to the next platform then we have to go via zip line to fly to another platform.
    ♦ What is Age limit to Play at Hanuman World?  –The age limit allowed is between 4 Years old to 70 Years old.
    ♦ What is the Maximum weight limit allowed?  –The maximum weight limit allowed is 120 kg.
    ♦ What kind of dress and shoes we should wear?  – A light shirt, short pants, and sports shoes or sneaker.

    Toʻlovni toʻliq qaytarish uchun boshlanish sanasidan kamida 24 soat oldin tajribangizni bekor qiling.

    Narx bu erda noto'g'ri ko'rsatilishi mumkin.
    Toʻgʻri narxni koʻrish uchun “Bronlash” tugmasini bosing.

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    • Tripadvisor sharhi

      Nature… and a little inner Tarzan

      Amazing and pleasant experience. Purchased from **** and even had to rescheduled because kid was sick. Just paid extra 300bht each for transport rescheduling fee.Did all platforms and zipline. Enjoyable day with 11 year old boy. Do note that recommended for height above 140cm and weight no lighter than 33kg, or else unsuitable.My kid has a lot of fun and very pleasant experience. 2 hours to complete all everything. Nice cafe to have a drink and pastries.Hope to return again

      Dekabr 2, 2023
      Tasdiqlangan ko'rib chiqish


    • Viator sharhi

      Lots of fun, beautiful site and they have an awesome crew. They took great care of everyone and made
      us feel really safe. Definitely recommed getting the package with the roller in it – was my favourite

      Noyabr 22, 2022


    • Viator sharhi

      Highly recommend if your looking for an adventure Phuket, staff was professional, friendly and fun to be
      around, they care for your safety and also ensure you are enjoying yourself as you zip the the trees!
      Bring yourself or bring a group! Definitely will be doing this again with a larger group!

      29-sentabr, 2022 yil


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