New Thailand Visa update

New Special Tourist Visa approved

The Thai Cabinet has approved in principle a proposal by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to grant a special tourist visa (STV) for long-staying visitors.

Under the STV scheme, long-staying visitors can stay in the country for 90 days, which can be extended twice, each for a further 90 days. The visa will cost 2,000 Baht per 90-day extension. 

The special visa scheme is expected to become effective after the official announcement and will be available until 30 September 2021.

The STV will be granted to long-staying visitors who comply with Thailand’s COVID-19 control and preventive measures. They will be required to undergo a 14-day alternative local state quarantine (ALSQ) upon their arrival. They must also have proof of their long-term residence in Thailand; such as hotel reservations, rental contracts, or evidence of ownership of a condominium. 

Source : TAT